15 August, 2013

2 weeks and thank you

Oowee peoples!  Two weeks back in the swing of things as a science teacher.  Best job in the world but I'm having a wee bit of a spell of trouble keeping my energetics allocated to teach 5 classes.  Love the kids.  They make me laugh (kind of like my own), make me kinda want to figuratively kick 'em hard in the arse occasionally (kind of like my own), make me want to adopt 'em (kind of like my own), make me want to quit sometimes and find another profession (kind of like my own), resonate with them cosmically sometimes (kind of like my own), make me want to cry tears of joy and sadness (kind of like my own), you know, the typical teacher stuff.  What keeps me grounded and ready to teach and be a daddy another day?  The residuals of living?  Well based on the title of this blog...cycling; and truth be told, my chilluns and the opportunities of being with Karen. 

Yesterday I rode with my homefries, teammate, sweet, dear friend Kevin (a third of the homey trinity, Hez-Billy being the other third of this secular trinity).  I'm showing him the (dark) side of cycling-cyclocross!  It's not the dark side.  It's actually pretty darn cool.  Last night was his inaugural 'cross ride!  When we took off in his hood, we rode singletrack named the Backcountry.  He flew off the get go!  Kind of a natural I might say.

In our rather tempo ride, weaving and bobbing and floating through apices of tight to loose serpentine flowy singletrack, his seatpost connecting the post to the rails went ill.  Specifically the Thompson Elite bolt and cylindrical nut came undone and fell on the flora effusive singletrack.  Holee molee what are the chances of finding that on the trail....

...better than you think sucka!  We back tracked and lo and behold, I found the bolt.  We reversed again and going slower than Paris Hilton attempting Sudoku, Kevin found the nut.  Woa!  A minute later we asked a good Samaritan if he had a 4 hex wrench and sho 'nuff he did.  After torsionally appropriate righty-tighties on the Thompson, we were off on a tempo pace hovering in the Backcountry.

We traded pulls on a rather cool, scenic, Colorado evening breathing hard, feeling the ebb and flow of the cadence synched with the breathing and the crispiness of the evening air diffusing through our inefficient heat production as simple machines on the trail. 

We rode like this for an hour and a half before Mr. Helios departed us and Ms Luna paid us a visit.  What a great ride!  Just what my turbulent psyche needed after working out mentally the end of my break and transitioning to the teaching season while never losing sight of being a Dad.  It was awesome!  Grateful I am.  Much thanks to Airborne for providing me with Delilah my anthropomorphized CX rig allowing me to ride with friends like Kevin.  This was Wednesday, today I had back to school night and talked to a parent who wanted her daughter in my class because her son (whom I taught) had such a great experience with me as his teacher.  I am thankful there too and humbled.  Friday, I have a date with my baby cakes Karen.  Man!  I is a lucky foo' (that's right, I'm keeping it real!)!