28 March, 2007

Day 3 Wednesday

(the picture has nothing to do with the blog but it's one i took when i crashed mountain biking at dakota ridge some years back. tasty no?)
naptime! but before naptime and lunch we scored on some books and cds at the library. they are:
devin davis' lonely people of the world, unite! he does a bruce springsteen nebraska where he does all the instruments as well as singing and composing each song. very cool (except it's not as brooding and introspective as the bruceman's). the next cd's mike shinoda's (of linkin park) attempt to rap-which is ahhite at best. it's like g.m. (jay-z's the producer here) owning saab (mike shinoda). there's a wealth of knowledge to tap there but he doesn't take advantage of jay-z's hep. a couple'a cool tracks. it's like flim and the bbs of the rap world. anyhoo it's fort minor's the rising tied. next, if you like the melancholy, manchester u.k. sound (not stone roses, kinda like a morose coldplay) you'll like leaders of the free world by elbow. lastly i checked out the wrens' the meadowlands. as i write this i'm listening to the transfiguration of vincent by cali boy matt ward. excellent cd. i think loss is the theme here accompanied by acousticky, dark sounds and pretty simple lyrics. how his voice gradations sound in each song throughout this cd is what makes transfiguration so unique.
had a parental freakout at the library. while i was checking-out our sonic and textual booty i told the girls they can liberate a bookmark each at the counter. unbeknownst to me there weren't any and they went to the children's wing 'round the corner to get some. so after checkout's done, a whole slew of people walk out the door and i figure the kids are out there too. so once outside, i holler their names. no response. so i go back in and quietly holler their names again. same response as the first. so here i am walking back and forth, from inside to out, calling their names. three picoseconds after i get that sinking feeling inside, team make-daddy-crazy (i.e. maura and maricel) 'round the corner with bookmarks in hand. at the truck i convey to them using my facial/body gestures and voice intonations that i'm highly disappointed in their decision to leave my line of sight without first telling me. i also tell them that there are bad people in the world who take pleasure in taking little kids and that mommy and daddy would be sad if we never saw them again due to those bad people. oh boi i was fuming. so in order for me to not get an aneurysm in the jeffco library parking lot i said to myself, "what would hey-zeus do?" then i became zen-like (like when my students get me fired up, i must exhibit self-control) even though i wanted to scream at them like a loon (which i have done previously!)! it is the parents' worst nightmare to lose a kid in a crowd (or just lose a kid). don't even want to think of it...
funny how one kid waking triggers the others' awakenings. now we're going to patch a hole in our dirt road/driveway living here in booneyville and we're going to the barn to see if we can find my old football cards (it might be worth millions of pesos one day!). all in all a pretty relaxing day. tomorrow, seeing as the forecasted weather was incorrect, i want to cycle while towing mason in the chariot. think: rickshaw except fancier that attaches to the bike's rear, non-drivetrain side dropouts via a modified trailer hitch. even if it's cold, there's a thick, vinyl covering (that's removable) to act as a windscreen/insulator. it's a pretty cool setup if you're the one getting chauffeured.

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