18 April, 2007

NoCal Respite! Part Deux

gem number two: we take the muni over to the marina/fort mason area to make our 7:30 reservations at a very exclusive all-vegetarian, 4 course, price fixed restaurant. we walk out to a pier and i tell melissa some scrub's poaching dungeness crabs; and this peon has the nuts to poach crabs in front of the sign that explains how unlawful it is to poach dungeness crabs. we walk over to the piers at the marina and it's one of the most picturesque walks on a military base i've ever taken (hickam afb in hawaii is unreal). it was real lush with old palm trees and wwII architecture flanking our paths. we even cross a devastatingly green, picture postcard meadow/park to get to our destination which is this blog's, entry's picture. the pier to the furthest right is where the restaurant greens is located. the hostess sits us at the corner of the building where we face the glass wall overlooking golden gate bridge. again we imbibe while waiting for our meal(s) and we are lucky enough to view the sunset over looking the bay with marin county situated on the far right of our golden gate bridge view. amazingX3. ever eaten with a group of people and one person is by far the slowest eater of the bunch? well, melissa and i were those people. sitting and eating in our own little space-time continuum sphere of influence. it's like the commercials where one person's moving real time whereas everybody around him/her is going the speed of light. nobody's trying to kick you out for seating because that's why everyone's here: to leisurely enjoy a majestic, organic meal at a snail's pace. for dessert, here goes...espresso!! and the verdict was.........suck!!!! damn you kenny. so $160 and two hours later, we walk towards our oh so boutiquey hotel, making sure we cross lombard street. the most crooked street in the world. april, i guess, is the low season for sf. it was mostly melissa and i, sometimes holding hands, walking and talking in the evening paralleling lombard. nutty that street is with some rather pricey homes on either side. a bunch of tourists were screaming and hollering in their rental minivan as if they were on a roller coaster ride when they passed our pedestrian selves. we actually make it back to our hotel-walking! boy were we pooped-out and our doggies were hoitin' fo' soitin'. i swear some of the grades on these streets have to be close to 17 percent. in the hotel we crash like alec attempting to storm an erosion barrier on his bike at mt falcon (see blog: riding during the weekday).
sunday. last day, gem number three. on tap's the san francisco museum of modern art aka sfmoma. inside they have a picasso, brice marden, henry wessel et al. exhibits. they have the 30G ipods instead of the star trek tricorders for the audio portion of the exhibit. during the henry wessel floor i see lars ullrich, drummer for metallica and his pregnant wife perusing some photos. wow! lars ullrich. cool. he was sporting a straw hat not even attempting the incognito thing. seemed down to earth, skinny too. time's running out due to our return flight. from here we bail to gem number four: the embarcadero-specifically the ferry building located there. inside we see a boat load of independent artists and entrepreneurs hawking their wares. i notice an organic creamery called cowgirl creamery and an artisan bakery next to each other. so, we order some artisan, made from scratch, herb loaf and go next door to purchase some herb goat cheese and pitted black olives drowned in spiced olive oil for lunch over-looking the bay bridge harbor. a classy and touching way to end a three-day couple's vacation sans kids. man. awesome. melissa rocks. i'm afraid to get on a scale...

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