12 June, 2007

long live the jeffco public library (evergreen branch)!

scored on 2 really beautiful pieces of music at my public library. so, instead of sounding like a pretentious music connoisseur, let me say, "it's da shizzle y'all." here's what one person said of wayne shorter's speak no evil. blah (scroll down to notes section). this album's after mr. shorter recorded with miles, so it's not quite as experimental and he teamed up with jazz's most badass supporting cast to create a more focused, improvisational sound (sorry, i sounded like a pretentious connoisseur).
here's what somebody else said about calexico's feast of wire:
blah. what can i say other than living in tucson can make one's brain(s) work mysteriously, creatively, and independently-spirited? yup. if y'all don't like these pieces go out and buy brittney spear's box set and waste your time trolling for honeys on your myspace account...
addendum to blog: lest we forget (my apologies to the pow motiff here), i also scored on my friend alec's suggestion of pavement's slanted & enchanted, except it's the special 2 disc set with biblical proportion liner notes and all the b-sides one could wish for if you're a pavement fan. read some biased reviewers blah-blahs here. as a science teacher, i'm off for the summer so here begineth my daddy daycare routine. i wouldn't trade it for a pinarello paris (or at least i'd think about it for more than a pico-second). check out the above pic of this beauty...later y'all.

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Alec said...

Yesterday when rained all day I sat around listening to a couple of things you might discover at the library and I recommend giving a listen to:
Blur - 13 (Their last album before they broke up and epitomizes prog rock/pop)
Charles Mingus - Town Hall Concert Live
Shellac - Terraform (prog rock album by producer steve albini of nirvana fame)
Slint - Spiderland (early 90s indie rock that's incredibly tense, yet not too overbearing on the prog rock side)