03 August, 2008

"Paul Bunyon Ain't Got Shizzle On Me...!"

here's my new best friend, the woodsplitter
my apologies to the most excellent movie training day; but that's how i felt-after the day was done-when my father in-law and i split and quartered wood all day yesterday and again today to get ready for a record-breaking winter (just in case!).
we were armed with a hydraulic wood splitter, an axe, and a splitting maul. he hydraulically split, while i axed and mauled to quarter. when my in-laws arrived we got right back at it. here it is (and yes, we have a headless dog!), the teepee woodpile.it's always a good feeling seeing the fruits of your labor-in this case: my father and brother in-laws, and me.


Groover said...

Good job with the wood chopping! Builds great upper body strength for weak cyclist's arms! :-) We are in urgent need of some fire wood but not much use without a fire place. Why the hell do they build Queensland homes without any means of heating??? Oh, well. Seen my skiing pics? Had a great time. And also: Funny we are reading the same book at the moment! Wrong. the Brothers K are sitting on my bedside table. I started it but couldn't get into it so I started something lighter but that's almost finished and so I'll start the Brothers K again. How do you like?

...it's me!... said...

thanks and welcome back. just commented on your skiing pics. i got The Brothers Karamazov reference from a book called God's Problem. there's an introduction in my bantam classic version from a dostoevsky expert setting up the frame of mind he was in when commencing to write this novel. if he hadn't prefaced it for me, i probably wouldn't be enjoying it as much as i am now. classics reading-let alone russian classics-requires a certain mindset because i truly don't like reading antiquated (my opinion) prose. this is interesting though...work's started back up, probably finish in '09! we're already planning another trip to moab in october and i'm getting set for cyclocross.