18 October, 2008

Part 1, Indian Summer Weekend

the harbingers of fall-our aspens changing!even though it's the 18th of october, the highs today hit 68°. weather-wise, it was a gorgeous day. it started with my maura's soccer game today. her team lost, but before she lost, here she is busting a move with a righteous and precision placed corner kick.after that i went down the hill to go for a ride with christopher. another friend of mine was supposed to go riding with us, but he has the knack of skipping out on scheduled rides (his excuse-or not-this time was that his starter's busted. toyota starters rarely ever break). the denver marathon's also this sunday. so it's best we rode today starting in denver rather than tomorrow. chris was under the weather so we limited the ride to three hours. he showed me a new route out near arvada. i took some pictures up on top of the reservoir for a different perspective of our fair, capital city: denver. the clouds obscuring some of sunlight lent the picture an almost sepia-like quality. can you see the grouping of high risers (aka denver) in the distant background?my riding time nowadays is limited to one day a week-if i can even manage that! i've even resorted to riding my rollers at night because i'm no longer getting in any rides during the weekday. sad isn't it? the rollers square off my tires and put this aluminum looking patina on their surfaces. i can now, start off on my rollers without a chair or a wall to right myself. i just get the drive side pedal at the 12 o'clock position, put my right foot over the speedplay cleat and push off and quickly get my other foot on. then once i'm smoothly pedaling, i slam my foot onto the pedals and listen/feel for the audio reinforcement-a loud thwack!-that tells me i'm in. not a great start for establishing off-season base mileage.
on the ride we both talked about our non-racing campaign: like how much we loved just riding hard, long miles when we were out from school in the summer and how much work interferes with our riding. chris is going to graduate with a masters in mechanical engineering this year. that's pretty cool. he's planning a little celebration in december for when that occurs with all his buds-including his ex-girly girl. here he is climbing up the reservoir which he jokingly calls l'alpe d'rez. it was a very picturesque little loop, indeed.i stoppped several times to snap away. great ride, even with chris hacking away from the residual phlegm that's malingering in his lungs from his latest round of cold/flu infections. he sounded like a human trying to pass a rather large furrball. yummy. for my ride home, i borrowed chris' best of journey cd. hmmm. after two songs the novelty wore off and i said okay, enough. i belive my radio played journey non-stop in the early eighties. funny. later that evening i witnessed the number 1 football-TEXAS-team in our lovely nation put the smackdown on the 11th ranked upstarts wanting to force an upset. didn't happen. we put up fifty some odd points, texas pulled colt mccoy (so as to avoid injuries), and the second stringers came on, that's when it was okay for melissa to switch to watching her video. great day kids...

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