02 January, 2009

The Family that Stays Together Skis Together

here's maricel in action in her ski school
ah yeauh! one of my life goals has been started (but not quite yet fully realized) which is...go skiing with my chilluns! it was too awesome skiing with my kids today at Sol Vista. definitely top 3 on my list of things to do as a parent (let alone a human being).
here's the weather we were faced with. purty no?

my friend billy (of homey trinity) said that mountain biking ranks up there too. i can see that, but i'd never expect skiing to have an equal to or greater than meaningful effect too. i mean riding up with my daughters on the ski lift? talking with them about skiing (and then ski to the bottom with them)? it was too surreal as a father for me-my kids doing the same things i hold near and dear to my heart and actually enjoying it too? spiritual boi (say it like flava flav would say it)!
here's maura and her instructor

not quite a destination ski area but it was definitely the most family friendly place nearby (that's what people like Kev-of same said homey trinity say-at least). the weather was absolutely outstanding but the coverage wasn't. oh well. that's why they make p-tex and belt sanders. bottom line: kids loved skiing; and melissa and i had a great time tearing it up on two planks (that's right you mouth breathing, knuckle draggin' snow boarders!).
i don't know which is better-having clean cycling gear or seeing melissa and my boots (w/liners out) drying in front of the fireplace?

i snapped a picture of sundown in granby, co on our way out. again, kind of a magical ending to a magical day with the fam-fam (majestic vista isn't it?)...

oh and believe me, i am extremely grateful, thankful, and humbled by all this...


Groover said...

So beautiful. I'm kinda jealous ...

...it's me!... said...

it was a magical day sandra.