24 August, 2009

Getting Ready for Tipperary Creek XC

Can't get in huge chunks of time on the bike nowadays but whenever I could, this week, I tried to squeak in an hour and a half every now and again. Saturday did Mt. Falcon in the blazing-a$$ heat! Did an hour and a half there. Not too technical but climbing in the heat's about a beeyatch. Sunday, squeaked one in while Mason was napping and after I vacuumed the house. Did a pretty intense climbing loop but that only took an hour and fifteen minutes. Today-my girls' first day of school-I got in another hour and twenty minutes at Mt. Falcon again. My girls were looking pretty snazzy on their first day of school. They were so excited they got up super early to get a head start on the day.
I felt pretty good climbing at Mt. Falcon, even with this annoying cold, and it was threatening rain the entire time so the weather was nice. It finally drizzled (Snoop-dog's favorite type of precipitation) at the top and made descending on the rocks oh so fun. I was in the zone though y'all. It was as if a phosphorescent green line appeared on the fall line beckoning me to follow the sweet line (of least resistance--obstacles) between the gnarly rocks with your knee's name written all over it. I was flowing so hard that I passed four people in dual suspension bikes on the way down not feeling it from their steeds and the phosphorescent line apparently hidden to them. It was shweeeet! Tipperary Creek's this Saturday. It's a tough race because of the altitude gains and a local masochist designed the course (but it sure is fun). 25 miles o'pain y'all.

On a sad note: RIP Charles Fuller-my Texas ex-pat, we will miss you. Etymologically speaking, you were a good egg.

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