18 January, 2010

Not only does my foot fit in my road shoe, but also in my ski boot...

On Friday, since my buddies and I planned on going skiing (my other buddy gave me a lame excuse to NOT make it) I needed to see if my foot fit into my ski boot. Sho' nuff with a little bit of pushing and prying of the boot (and placing it next to the fireplace for thermal expansion-kinda like my waistline!), my foot slid right in. No hot spots hitting my ankle either. I have a 4 pass, meaning me and sweet Melissa can ski at WinterPark 4x, so it's off to WinterPark we go.
I'd show y'all some great pics because the weather was outstanding (although the snow coverage was slightly poor) but my camera ran out of juice. I was, however, able to fire off one picture of my homie-G Pablo before the screen said, "Batteries exhausted." Took it easy mostly. Practiced on some mellow-ish type moguls when Pablo's binding needed to be tightened on his snowboard (damn knuckledraggers and their inferior equipment!). After that we just hit the "Blue" rated slopes for the rest of the afternoon. After skiing, we (meaning sweet Melissa and I) also planned a get together at our house with some good friends we've known since we moved to Denver back in '96. Since then we've always kept in touch (camping, destination ski areas, birthdays...etc.) even after we (all) moved out of Denver. We've known them since we were childless newlyweds and now we all have three urchins a'piece. Nutty. So it's a house full of nine children whenever we all meet up (I counted that all by myself thanks!). It's always loud; eating outstanding, healthy food; some kids not getting along temporarily; moderate drinking; and time for catching up when we congregate at one of our houses. We also own Wiis because it's such a great, family friendly gaming console. The apres-dinner entertainment was watching the kids battle it out for dancing supremacy and the adults playing tennis (I got hosed). It was too much fun and we worked ourselves into a good sweat; in addition, Pablo was mixing up some delicious Mohitos which was adding to our general, homefries bonding. Coincidentally general, homefries bonding energy's right next to polar covalent bond energy (relative strengths, even though they're not related).
The next morning--Sunday--I rode the rollers to work out the stiffness in my quadriceps and glutes. It didn't do a whole hell of a lot; I was still walking like Fred Sanford. It felt as if I was doing some serious squats at the gym.
MLK day (thank you Dr. MLK for your contributions to humanity) was spent super chilly-chill. While the kids were either napping, watching movies, or playing with the Wii, I went out for a quickie road ride. It said 52° F but it was waaaay colder with the wind. Chris Carmichael said that if you can't get hours riding, the next best thing is to ride hills (with your limited time). So that's what I did. I started from Morrison rode up to Green Mountain, rode over Dakota Ridge to Co-8, up Mother Cabrini, back down past Matthews Winter and up Red Rocks. I don't even think it was 20 miles but gravitational attraction between two masses (three if you count both my buttcheeks) and their inverse distances made pedaling quite a chore. Note to self: I need at least a 24T cog on my cassette. My ankle was getting kinda sore and the quads dull pain were getting sharp when I got out of the saddle so I know when my body's telling me to back off. Back off I did and I went home to my sweet familia to get ready for Tuesday.

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Groover said...

Skiing and riding same time of year sounds a bit alien to me but it's all good news with your ankle. :-)