05 February, 2010

WinterPark On My Comp Day

Made some wicked buttermilk biscuits and gravy (vegetarian-style, that is) for my kids before they left off for school and before I left to head out to WinterPark. Wednesday was Parent/Teacher conferences so they gave us today for a comp day. Using the WinterPark 4 pass reduced my magic number to two now. Never gone skiing on a weekday. I see why people do it. No traffic, no lift lines, and pretty convenient.
I absolutely love my gear. First time in ages that I'm not skiing on five year old equipment (although it's coming close). The Völkl Karmas and my Tecnica comp Alus make for some responsive/feedback-inspired steering. 90 underfoot and close to 119 at the tip. Made for terrain parks but can handle mid-size moguls and loves off-piste, steeps. It's like punching the accelerator and feeling the G-forces on your butt, or riding tubulars versus clinchers, or ice skates vs roller skates.
Biffed it today. Was absolutely cruising in a mogul field with about 6 inches of new snow covering the top and didn't see the trough (thought I had my mogul line sussed) and pitched forward with my left leg planted and the right leg behind me like a figure skater and my left ski binding kicked out. Kinda hurt my good ankle; but not enough to stop skiing or nuttin'. The weather forecasted clouds and slight snow. There were clouds but they eventually burned off leaving mostly blue skies.

Being the cheapskate that I am, I spent no money on food nor drink there.
4.5 hours later after absolutely no lift lines all day, my gams are hammered. Wanted to save it for Saturday's hour of power so we'll see. Left with just enough time to pick up the Moose at Evergreen Academy and my girly-girls at their ES. Great day.
Great way to start the weekend and makes me appreciate work even more (if that's possible).
Unlike my last pair of boots, everytime after I go skiing, my doggy covers get dried.

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