29 May, 2010

An Hour Off!

This will be my first 10 hour cycling week if I can get an hour ride in tomorrow. Yea! It seemed like work for sure but there's a reason for it: riding cleanses the soul (and allows a doughnut or two every now and again). Riding for cleansing runs the whole spectrum. For some it's just getting out there and feeling the wind in your hair as you're barreling down a paved bike trail but for the competitive cyclist the cleansing comes in the form of pain. Not the joint pain or the pain of crashing (hell yeah that hurts when you hit the deck!) but the pain the greets you when you enter or go pass your physiological boundaries. Albeit it's fleeting but afterwards it sure is therapeutic. Going LT isn't a hoot, or doing 3 minute intervals either, but when you're done your brain is thanking you. It might be due to the adrenalin release. You need more adrenalin the next time to satiate your reptilian brainstem.

Mixed it up pretty good too. Some mountain biking and road biking this week to avoid the monotony. My knees are diggin' it. Don't know when my next race will be. More than likely it'll be a crit. I used to hate doing them but now it's tolerable. Not very cost effective traveling and paying to do 'em though being that I live in the boonies. Maybe this week I can do a group ride sos I can get my speedwork in and to see how far back my fitness from the bell curve of the pack is.
I also have this malingering headcold. Nothing too disastrous, just a long-ish term low grade symptoms of hacking mucous, annoying cough, and when the body loses its inertia it's like being in absolute zero: nothing vibrates nor moves. The body just wants to become part of the couch or the rocking chair or the bed.

The end of next week, I'm taking my daughters to Texas. I miss my folks so whenever the opportunity is there, I'll take it. Not looking forward to the particularly long and boring drive but eventually I'll get there. It shakes out to 800 miles of unadulterated boosheeyat.

Things that will be cool to do in Texas:
-eating Blueberry Ice cream.
-hanging out with my folks.
-hanging out with me brah and sis in-law.
-visiting Austin (home of me alma mater).
-group road rides.
-listening to my boy Colin perform.
-hanging out with Ruby.
-playing with my daughters.
-hearing a genuine southern accent again.
-watching mindless TV (we don't have cable nor a dish currently in our house).
-taste testing new beers from Whole Foods (ooops, I'm sponsored by Vitamin Cottage).
-hanging out with Jimmy and his familia.
-wearing a big a$$ belt buckle-NOT!
-eating at Que Huong.
-sleeping in.

Things that will not be cool in Texas:
-the heat.
-the heat.
-the heat.
-the heat.
-oh, and did I mention the heat?
-the heat.
-missing the remainder of team M back in Colorado.

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