02 July, 2010

Reisen (auf)

Went through 5 states yesterday: Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. It really wasn't any marathon driving or anything but it sounds impressive. 5 states. Traveled only 700 or so miles and took a break at a nice rest area in Iowa. In Nebraska on our way out, stopped at the Capital: Lincoln. There were some people peaceably assembled on the steps. Something about taxes, or gun control, or abortion, the stuff to peaceably assemble. I wanted to say, "Great, but do y'all know where the nearest Starbucks is?"

When we passed through Illinois I saw a sign for the town Normal, it reminded me of a Ben Folds song Effington from his CD Way To Normal.

Pennsylvania we only stopped for gas.

Went through Lake Chautauqua and Binghamton, NY. Bunked down in Worcester, MA and change of plans instead of bunking in Boston.

Saturday: Check out Brown University

We're pushing onto Providence if we're lucky by tonight.

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