29 January, 2011

Repetition is good x 4

Been fairly consistent in participating in the Hour of Power. Nothing special happened last week, like this week, today. The 9 o'clock hour of power group is smaller and the hammeroids show up. In fact, Michael Carter, Colorado phenom showed up and his legs announced, "My legs get better over time suckas!" The weather was excellent today; breezy but excellent. Hung in the lead group until the left hander into the park. The peloton was just echeloning like a bunch of cat IVs. This is why the State Patrol pulls us over every now and again to give us the speech. If I were a motorist, I'd be pissed. Our contract has a "good representative of the sponsors" clause and by half-wheeling the dude in front of me, past the centerline was just NOT GOOD (not good for living either). I went to start another echelon and nobody pulled through and I just plain blew up (people behind me died too). Thought I could catch 'em with a mighty surge (so as to not let the peeps behind me get a freebie), they were just dangling right there in front of me but the wind and my puny legs couldn't hang-that's when I really blew up and had to slog it in the small chainring 'til my cardiovascular system was back in synch. Patched up with some of the flotsam of the pack as we rolled in and we finished in the bigring towards the imaginary finish line.

As we're headed back into the parking area, the 10 o'clock group showed up and they were huuuge. Figured I can motorpace off these guys until my heart's back up in my throat then i'll bail back home to continue my fatherly (quasi-lame not the duties but how I execute said) duties. The baby little climb shelled fresh riders (three of us from the 9 o'clocker hopped in) and I wanted to yell at 'em, "Beetches, this is my second time around!" Before the right hand turn onto Rampart Road, I peeled off because the lactic acid was just too much. Flogging the legs and the desired result was nowhere to be seen's a good indication to back off and recover. It's only February and it's already off to the races. I worry about not getting in any base miles in the chill way as to build up a solid foundation but at this point of my ever-so-lame cycling career I have to get it any way I can. I'ma try to fire off a 40 miler tomorrow in the little ring to emulate base miles.

Downed some brown tea and chocolate milk (not together) as my free-radical reducing drink before I changed the oil (and filters) in Melissa and my vehicles (recycled the oil too). This weekend's weather's very mild, come Monday thru Wednesday it's going to be in the single digits. That ain't good.

Going to Moab with the Homey Trinity, that's going to be good...

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