20 February, 2011

South Siiiide!

Lake Pueblo State Park's South Shore (Marina). Notice the ice at the left side foreground.
Didn't mean to be sound gangish y'all. What I really meant to say was South Shore, specifically Pueblo, Colorado's Lake Pueblo State Park's South Shore Marina. Moab's weather was too risky to travel 6 hours and only have a 50 percent to not have precipitation fall on us. So on a whim, I decided we should check out Pueblo's off-road offerings. We bagged the promise land and instead detoured to Pueblo. On the road, Sverre checked the weather at Moab and lo and behold it was raining. Thanks NOAA and your reliable forecasting skills!

We parked inside the park and 28.3 miles later under the sun's gift of 64°F we were back at Keb-moe's lovely Sequoia. We saw the front roll in on our return trip: the winds blowing and getting colder, the occasional drop of rain, and the looming dark clouds in the distance.
Here's Kevin on Voodoo with the clouds rollin' in...
The terrain unfortunately wasn't captured by me because we were in the flow. The technical stuff consisted of dried out waterfall chutes lined with a boat load of shale. Going up or going down was pretty cool. Every now and again a tortilla sized piece of shale would get kicked up from the tires it smacked the ground in such a way it made this real sharp, bright sound that ricocheted off the sides of the waterfall. Sometimes the single track would be lined three layers deep with shale flakes and when we would roll over it it sounded like people throwing beer bottles as hard as they could at the ground making this SUPER amplified exploding glass sound. Very audio-visual riding out here in Pueblo's South Shore.
Here we are at the Voodoo trail.
On our way back we took some unintended detours trying to out and back it to the parking lot. One particular trail called Cuatro Cinco was like a slap in the face. We were already tired and close to cramping and here's this circuitous loop with stiff, sprint-like climbs interspersed within the loop taking us away further from the parking lot. Ouch.
almost back at the truck
Wished I couldda snapped some pictures of the many waterfall chutes. Thinking about it (like what Hez-chilly's doing below), it was nutty y'all...
I edited Hez-Billy's GoPro footage and if'ns you wantsta see it click on this youtube link!


trek mountain bikes said...

Looking at the pictures you are sharing make me think about moving to Colorado. And the picture you added in your home page with the beautiful trail surrounded by mountains...What a View! and yes, I wish we could have something like that in Southern California...Loved this post!

...it's me!... said...

what's stopping you?