20 January, 2007


as a dad living up at 8800 feet and socked in snow except where i dug pathways for places like the shed for firewood and the barn as a holding area for junk, weekends can be pretty mundane. but today, the girls are skating this morning at evergreen lake and later going to grandma/grandpa's house and onto the national western stockshow. that means i get to spend time with my boy, mason, today. on tap for today (hope you're sitting down!) is: grocery shopping (oh snap!), going to the jefferson county library to peruse their kids books and cds(who needs iTunes?), cleaning the hizzouse (sorry, i listen to too much rap), AND nap time (aaaaw-shite!).
alone time with one kid is good for me and mason because when all the kids are together it might could spell disaster (sorry i learned my english in texas)if they choose to use their powers for evil instead of good. so, when it's one-on-one time it's special for both parent and child (that's me and mason if you didn't catch that).
my special time today, if i don't lame-out (there's a 50 percent chance of that happening unfortunately), is snowshoeing with mason on the kid kelty backpack, or dragging him on his sled a la rickshaw-action with my hounds in our backyard. we moved from lowry in denver to a 5-acre lot zoned for horses in conifer to escape the keeping-up-with-the-joneses mentality of that area (albeit it had all the conveniences a yuppy could ask for!) and live a more quality, natural life, surrounded by trees where you can't see your next-door neighbor, along with the cast from the movie "deliverance".
what's cool with mason is that he naps. when he naps, daddy naps. or, when masy-mase is napping (you get nutty nicknames for your kids, if you don't have kids that privilege goes to your pet monikers), and if i'm feeling like a cyclist, i might could hop on the rollers and watch the 1998 tour de france for the 90th time and pretend to chase the doper marco pantani up alpe d'huez. i think that's french for "up yours".
the top, left picture is of the girls all duded out for the national western stockshow. the middle picture is of the dreaded rollers that are wearing out my tires like no other (that's my son in the foreground). and the bottom picture is of our backyard. gone are the days of looking into my neighbors yards at lowry (although they were great acquaintances). here's some non-sequitors: the last great book i read was "the places in between" by rory stewart. excellent read, and if i was more secure with my masculinity i would've cried. and currently i'm liking a cd called "blue cathedral" by a band called comets on fire and method man's "4:21...the day after" listen to the latter if your subwoofer needs a workout. the cds were courtesy of the jeffco county library. they're awesome by the way.
tentatively, my friends and i are planning a trip to moab. the cast: kenny l. (not to be confused with kenny g.), hez-billy (teacher of the year and all around yoda master), grunt (formerly known as the artist grant and former college roommate), and alec (a newbie in our science department and a grasshopper in the world of off-road cycling). if it's too cold in moab we'll do the roadie-thang 'round boulder and hopefully won't anger too many hillbillies in their diesel belching dualies. i guess it's the sight of grown men in lycra sporting the purple and orange of the vitamin cottage racing team that gets their adrenalin pumping. speaking of which, i just received via the usps my annual race application renewal form...

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