21 January, 2007

Round 5

okay, we moved out here because we actually like snow, but now i have to be more specific: i officially don't like accumulating snow especially when its sooo windy it creates drifts that are a pain to shovel. we already received 9" with another 3-5" more tonight. hopefully school'll be cancelled. that would be a nice surprise. my neighbor and i did some plowing (me shoveling). the important things were to clear the mailboxes. our postal service dude is kind of on his own schedule.
going a wee bit stir crazy. burned a lot of wood today and shoveled a path to our shed for more wood because the 39 mph gusts blew snow over my old, shoveled paths. was going to ride the rollers, but the shoveling was my workout. if you notice on the picture the snow's actually blowing sideways. i snapped the other picture of the girls hugging ruby, the airedale terrier/dane mix when we were all playing upstairs with the musical instruments. noaa says after tomorrow the highs'll be in the upper 30s here. about time.... the crazy part is, march is the snowiest month.

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