21 October, 2007

here we go (again)!...

well folks, historically the first significant snowfall in the metro area's the 19th of october. today's the 21st, so no significant symptoms of the greenhouse effect at this zipcode (at least not yet!). okay, i missed the worldwide blogosphere day of blogging about something green (it was the 15th of october), so here it is belatedly: after evacuating your colon in the woods, don't wipe your butt with foliages of three, especially if there's a hint of red on it. 'nuff said.
it's been snowing since last night; and thankfully, there's like less than a foot up here, although now it's starting to pick up again. there's a couple of spots on our dirt road (did you read my last blog entry?-if you didn't, i'm now a hillbilly) where the drifts are maybe two feet high. nothing a pickup truck with factory clearance can't bust through. i say this now, hopefully i'll be able to get to work tomorrow.
looked at the nws (as opposed to n.w.a.) website for our moab trip this upcoming weekend, it said saturday was going to be in the 70s. ah yeauh. exactly 365 days ago billy, kevin, alec, and i would've been slogging through vail pass both directions. looks like a good sign so far forecastingly speaking.
my kids and i played briefly in the snow before sunset. it was fun. mason's slowly getting adjusted to the snow. he's not the daredevil like his sisters are when it comes to high speed sledding long distances. had to go to the barn and bust out my sorrels. these boots are far and away the best snow accessory i have. it's sad to say, that i use it more than my skis. hopefully that'll change.
finished colbert's book i'm american (and so can you!). i was completely saturated with his sense of humor by the third page. coming from me (and get this!), it was sophomoric. but, like a bad movie, i'll stay and finish it. so that's what i did. i forced myself to finish reading it. i'd say it was tolerable and thank goodness for my high school library (i wouldn't have paid for this). my media specialist friends at my high school are so awesome they order books worth their weight if you ask them nicely. so far, they've ordered (because, like i said, i asked them nicely, i've read it, and they're generally pretty open to enlightening material): the places in between by rory stewart, survival of the sickest (forgot his name), andthe world is flat by friedman(n?).
click on the link at my margin for my friend kenny's website (denverspeed.com) and read his latest entry about his car, irene. irene is a volvo that just posted 500 horses on the dynamometer. impressive isn't it?
above's a couple of snapshots of what's going on here currently...
ps. two of my most favorite former students visited me at my house on friday to hand deliver an invitation. but it wasn't special that they visited me (okay it was) but how they were dressed was unique. they were dressed in theme. and the theme is: roman. yup, they're going to be officially 21 in two weeks and they're having a roman-themed celebration hailing their legalness. to describe them would be...class. yup, they are unbelievably mature for their age, they both value education, laugh at my esoteric (read: lame) jokes, and have a good head upon their respective shoulders. so needless to say, i'ma show up in garb for their soiree (don't worry, it's at his folks' house).
pps. chip and i are having a tift due to differences of opinion.

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