07 October, 2007

Hillbilly Deluxe (sorry Dwight)

we've almost achieved the hillbilly trifecta (if we haven't already achieved it!). one: we purchased a truck to haul firewood; two: we live in the boonys; and three: we just purchased this lovely 4wd atv-the king quad! of course we don't have any helmets, we just ride it and if our kids are behaving, they ride shotgun on it with either melissa or i piloting like a 16 year-old kid first time on a moped. the reason we bought this is is because our awesome, former, next door neighbors have moved and this contraption is how they plowed our properties. since they're gone, we're going to have to do the plowing. our new neighbors are floridians and they just purchased our neighbors house as a summer retreat. that means we don't have to plow as much since their house'll be vacated during the winters. the aspens' turning is from our backyard. pretty isn't it?
i've been sitting on the fence about completing a trip to moab. so, now, i guess i'm going to go. here's why. yesterday a cycling teammate of mine and friend was having a realization that there might not be a future with his girlfriend of several years. on our ride, we talked about the possible combination/permutations of their relationship outcomes, and how to possibly heal one's self and shtuff like that. on the ride, out on the road, we slide up with a former pro from south america named fabio (outside of coors in golden), spontaneously formed a paceline, and chatted it up with him. coincidentally, he too, unsolicited, professed that he and his girly-girl (also from south america) was having a shit-or-get-off-the-pot issues (she was, not him he was committed). hmmmm. i'm sensing a theme here with my male, cycling friends/acquaintances. so after the ride, rashid and fabio exchange numbers. it's kind of nutty the conversations that originate in all male training rides. back at chris' place i offer an ear for him if he needs one and hope that it comes to a mutual resolution or a new chapter in his life. during my trip back to conifer, my pre-college and college friend hakim (not his real name) left me two messages during the weekday to call him for a ride today that i haven't returned. i return his call on my return trip and when he recognizes my phone number on his phone he begins with, "mike, i'm a man with a broken heart." yikes, it's lightning striking 3x. so after we talk a while on the phone i suggest that he come out with me on a trip to moab i've been pretty ambivalent about-to get out of his physical location to see something different to distract, clear the mind, and ride the sovereign and slick rock trails. now, do you see why i'm going to moab?
the digital thermometer said this to me this morning, better go light a fire...

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