26 February, 2008

My Girls' Second Report Card At Their New School

just looked at my girls' report cards and pleased to say they were nearly perfect. maricel's the oldest and they rank her proficiencies from 1 being not good (like the bozo t.v. show's the euphemism of loser-almost winner), 2 being close to proficient, and 3 being the cat's meow. maricel was a 3 in almost all categories. yea! maura's system was either a plus sign (proficient), or a minus sign (not proficient). she, too, was nearly proficient. almost all plus signs and her reading was at the cusp of reading at the first grade level (she's in kindergarten). yup, i definitely am proud of my girls as well being a generally proud papa...as for colleges, if worse comes to worse we can always default on the legacy rule. both of us got our undergraduate(s) at texas in austin and melissa got her doctorate at cornell. you gotta start thinking about those things (and how to fund their degrees). they'll be two years apart so they'll overlap time at university.

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