18 May, 2008

Sunday's Musings

rode a killer 5 hour ride with christopher. my legs were spanked but we did hills anyway. here's the noteworthy things that happened on the ride:
a) got told off by a sheriff because i was riding next to chris and it's supposed to be single file.
b) some dude crashed on the downhill on some rocks and an ambulance was dispatched.
c) there were an inordinate amount of cute cyclists out there today
d) some skate punks had to say something about us being grown men wearing spandex (purple and orange nonetheless) so we had a very sophomoric reply for them (that was me-had something referencing their fathers or something like that).
great ride, great weather, and people were unusually chatty when we passed them. when i came home my son mason and i hung out. when he's in a good mood he'll say, "hey mommy/daddy/or whomever/ i like your (whatever you're doing or whatever your holding at the time). for example, when i'm drinking coffee he'll say, "hey daddy, i like your coffee. is it new?" so when i came home today i didn't shut the bathroom door and i'm urinating (we were the only ones on the second floor) and he says, "hey daddy, i like your penis; is that new?" i reply, "thanks son. nope, i've had it for about 41 years now." my son. he's almost three years of age and he's cool like that.

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