04 May, 2008

Two Down, Two To Go

sunday was mellow. maura had another game today and i think her whole team-including herself-was gassed from yesterday's efforts. she scored a goal today and so did her friends zack and lane. a lot of promise from these youngsters in the future soccer arena. it's impressive to watch. i get pretty involved but i keep it in check so as not to be a little league dad. we went home and they still wanted to play soccer, so i put mason down for a nap and it was me against them. if they showed good dribbling skills i kind of pretended to defend against 'em. i just wanted them to get some basic skills down. they were fun. after that, they wanted to ride their bikes. maura has a new bike with gears and handbrakes so she's still getting used to that.
that's pretty much it for today. looks like a wee cold front's settling in again (figures. i washed my ride yesterday). baths all around for everybody tonight so they can be squeaky clean for school tomorrow. i think the pbs show globetrekkers is coming on tonight. my kids love watching that travel show as much as i do. it's breakfast burritos for all tomorrow morning. scored on some books and cds at my most favorite public place in jefferson county: the public library. take a look at what i scored cd-wise:
-interpol's turn on the bright lights
-elliott smith's new moon
-animal collective's feels and sung tongs
-windham hill's 25 years of piano windows
-tears for fears' songs from the big chair
i dig the windham hill stuff especially their piano artists because i grew up playing the piano and considered myself proficient at one point in my life. i'm also a fan of george winston.
i checked out the tears for fears one because that's the stuff i used to listen to when i was teenager living plano, tx. the home of lance armstrong (i used to watch him as a 14-year old triathlete lapping the pro/1/2 fields in dallas), and a great place for a diaspora for me, my wife, and most of my friends whom i consider close. do you know what you call a person from plano, texas? just a plano texan (BUH-tish!)...
again, no cycling this weekend but as i mention previously, that's ahhhhhiiiite.

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