07 September, 2008

We're Almost Ready for Winter

yeah. the dog whisperer came over today and we did some more re-introduction techniques for our poochies. we did a lot of side-by-side walking with them and ruby didn't attack addie. we let them sniff each other too, but did it in such a way that they couldn't snap back at the sniffer. addie the most anxious of the two-i could tell-was getting stressed and lisa said to end the training with a positive note. so end we did and nobody got attacked. yea!
changed the oil in melissa's 4runner (mobile1 oil and filter baby!) and reset the maintenance light to boot. when melissa took off to take her bestest bud kim and her son leo to the airport, grandpa set the moose down for a nap and i did my two hour hill training ride loop from my house. again, the weather was righteous. saw my friend and teammate jeff as he was descending (and i ascending). talked a bit. we're going to do some cyclocross later in the month. the two people i passed on the climb passed me back when jeff and i were chit-chatting. after we said our goodbyes, i got back on the steed and chased those two transgressors down. i know it's contraindicated to common sense but boy oh boy i love putting the ipod on shuffle when i'm riding solo. gosh, especially on such a fantastically weather friendly day like today, it's like all sensory planets are aligned. two or so hours later i'm back and mason and grandpa are chillin' by the fire pit. talking like the best of friends. so we switch and i take the moose. we fire up the atv and ride down to the edge of our defensible space to pick up some kindling.
can you see the kindling woodpiles?the moose is my hood ornament on the atv. he likes it when we drive down to the brush piles and i ride over the rough patches. if we fill the shed to the brim, we're set for deep winter. i'm probably a quarter of the way through stuffing the shed.
here's the moose profilin' for y'all...i worked a late shift friday grading papers so that my sunday night'll be work-free. ahhhh. another beautiful ending to the weekend. damn. i hate mondays y'all...


lowcountryrover said...

Mike, I have a phone that I believe belongs to the Moose. Would you like for me to send it your way? It was left in the cabin. I am definitely ready for winter. It will feel like 96'(F) today.

...it's me!... said...

No thanks brah. I'll get if from you when we ride Crested Butte, how's 'bout that instead? 96degrees (that's some boosheeyat)? It's at least 44 degrees at night nowadays. Even have to fire up the fireplace every now and again.