30 May, 2009

My Kids Are Finally On Break Too!

This week was pretty cool cycling-wise. Rode the mountain bike with Alec, Billy, and his son Hogan. Went to a pretty technical area called Apex. That was the time my fork of five years officially died. I'da given her her last rites but I'm not accredited for such duties. It felt like every time I hit an obstacle at speed it hit back just as hard. There was this metallic clunk and the grommet that moves with the fork displacement showed about less than an inch of travel. Not good. Gotta look for a new fork now.
Went to my daughters' last day at their Elementary School. Wouldn't you know it, it also rained like the dickens! Thunder, lightning, and hail to boot too. That was as if it were on cue for us to leave. From their I went to Boulder to ride with my teammate Chip.
We rode sixty miles in about three hours and change. It was right at my threshold of completion without bonking. Traded pulls on the way back to town as if we were bike racers or something. We were flushed after that episode. Great ride.
Saturday, I rode another 2.5H in the hills out here where I live. People (let me correct myself-guys), make it a race. There was this guy who glued up to my wheel when the terrain starts to get interesting. I told myself (and my legs were extra-crispy from the ride with Charles the other day) that I'll chill and climb seated. There are some really steep pitches and this guy, just to hold on to my wheel, got out of the saddle and was rocking it to stay next to me. I was sitting so I couldn't get the desired watts to my pedals (I need to get a 25 tooth cog instead of a 23 for these hills). I grew tired of this bozo huffing and puffing to stick to me so I got out of the saddle and powered away from him. Stayed away from him all the way to the unofficial top of the climb.
On the way down I pedalled my butt off and began to cramp after the high rpms. That's good. I gotta get my legs to fatigue more often to emulate race pace, especially towards the end of the race when everybody gets antsy and wants to put the evil, stinky sprint on you wherever strategically possible.
This evening I take my doggy for a walk in an open space park just downhill where we live so she can get some exercise too. Great week and it's not over yet. Tomorrow our son-Mason-turns four and we're going to celebrate it!

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