07 June, 2009

Texas Break, June 2009

Well it's Sunday and it's HOT kids! We came in Saturday night after a rather hot and long day of driving. The kids were exceptional sitting pretty much straight through a thirteen hour day! Yeah, the kids rock; don't know if I want to put them through that again. Peep dis: no DVD player, just kid stuff on my Sirius/XM satellite radio and conversation. Yeah y'all, great kids. Tough and patient-the both of them.
I know I'm close when I can tune into my radio and listen to KNTU. It's the North Texas University jazz radio station. I received my teaching certification there and my undergrad at The University of Texas at Austin. They've changed their name to the University of North Texas but that wouldn't go over too good if their radio call sign actually matched their latest moniker. Good jazz (straight ahead, bop, and modern jazz trio--no electric) is hard to find on the radio. Real Jazz on Sirius does a pretty darn good job most of the time but they were playing a tribute to Benny Goodman--which isn't necessarily a bad thing--but I'm not much of jazz clarinet kind of guy. It's kinda up there (for me) with a jazz flautist. They were rocking out Saturday night as team 3/5's Mequi were cruising east bound on 380 to McKinney.
So Sunday, I ripped some iTunes and took some iTunes off my computer onto my Dad's iTunes Library-specifically Raul Malo's "After Hours" and John Doe & the Sadies' "Country Club". Both awesome albums if you're a country/standards kinda dude (dude being a genderless term mind you). Went and walked/ran with my Ruby (read several blogs before this one). When we first saw her, she showered Maricel with kisses. Afterwards, being the good girl that she is, whenever she gets too hyper with her greetings, she forces herself to sit down with her tail a'waggin' mightily (on the floor)! So she sat down in front of me waiting for me to scratch and bear hug her. We both missed Ruby pretty sorely. It was really nice to pet/hold her again. I think she grew a bit more too. Ahhhh, Ruby...

Gave my truck a good washing and waxing. She was filthy and this was her first wash in months! Afterwards my Mom and I went to do some food shopping for dinner. Dinner was a Pasta-pesto dish with vegan meat starter (soy protein) mixed-in. Salad was a quick one where Maricel cut up the lettuce and we had croutons poured in. My Dad and I washed this dinner down with Maredsous Bruin/Brune (8% alcohol content).

Yummy, quick, and fairly healthy (with just a dash of alcohol). During the day, Maricel hangs out with Ruby in her kennel. It's a huge kennel made for a huge dog. Ruby is perfectly content with Maricel journaling and watching TV while petting Ruby inside her kennel. The dynamic duo is together again, at least for this week. Later that evening, team 3/5s Mequi went and saw the Disney, Pixar animated movie "Up". Great movie for all, including families with wee ones. We felt great walking back to our car in the hot, breezy Texas evening talking about "Up". Highly recommend it y'all kids.
Monday, after a super leisure morning trying to figure out my older brother's old-assed waffle maker at my Mom and Dad's, we had eggs and Belgium waffles. It was kinda rubbery because the machine wasn't delivering consistent heat and it had no audible way of telling the user it's done! Well at least the eggs were good. Took the Rube out for an early morning walk. Kinda wore a blister on the right ball of my foot because we walked for about 40 mins in my flip-flops. We went to Jack Carter Pool in the heat of the afternoon. It was hot! Even walking on the sidewalk at the pool caused great distress to my non-heat tolerant doggies. They even had a wading/kiddie pool where Mason could fart around and climb up and slide down the aquatic fort. It was fun and I even remembered to bring the sunscreen and some beverages ice-chilled in a cooler. While Mason continued napping from our ride back to Lolo and Lola's, Maricel and I played catch with ball and gloves in the front yard while Ruby watched and chilled with us. I don't think I've mentioned this but it's like Africa hot out here; but oddly enough I kinda like it compared to the fifties and rain we left behind in Colorado. This heat's going to get old awfully quick though. For dinner, I made a fettuccine, broccoli, bean sprouts, tofu, thinly sliced onion, garbanzo beans, sprinkled with generous amounts of fresh, whole leaves of basil concoction covered in a peanut/fresh ginger sauce I made from scratch. My Dad and I washed the solids down with a lovely liquid Syrah wine named Red Bicyclette.

It complimented the meal well, I thought the Syrah might be a bit strong but it was rather subdued (like team 3/5s Mequi roasting underneath the hot Texas sun). At the used CD store I picked up Dinosaur Jr's Where you been and Pavement's Terror Twilight. Thanks Mom! When my Mom and I were picking up groceries for dinner it was about the same time I would be doing my first Texas group ride since I've lived here. Made a mental comparison about tomorrow's conditions and here it is: o my goodness it's going to be ehfing HOT! I don't know if I can physiologically handle this heat under physical taxation? Damn. Wouldn't you know it? My kit this year underwent a drastic aesthetic change and our primary color's black (with matching black helmet). I better stock up on water and Clif bars (our sponsor!). Tomorrow morning I'm making breakfast burritos!
We're having chill time now. We're also on vacation time-we get to sleep whenever we get there. In fact, my chilluns crashed in the living where Mason plum got pooped out (w/ Ketchup on the corner of his mouth) and crashed on the carpeted floor whereas Maricel fell asleep on the couch after journaling and reading her book still with her bathing suit on from the pool earlier.
Isn't this what a vacation with the out-of-state Grandparents' supposed to be? Yeauh! Long live the teaching profession with at least some semblance of a break!

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