11 June, 2009

Wednesday in Dallas

Hmmmm Wednesday. We went shopping with the folks and my Mom and Dad being the gracious grandparents that they are got my chilluns some new hiking shoes for our family trip to the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia. We also got some goat cheese, extra-virgin olive oil, and artisan bread for this evening's dinner edition to compliment the main course of Salmon steaks. We don't mess around when it comes to eating that's why I need to cycle when I visit my folks.
After dinner, after the tornado warnings, after the early warning sirens, and after the torrential down pouring of rain, I took off to see Colin Boyd play in Greenville (the street, not the actual town). After his acoustic gig we hung out a 24 joint shooting the shizzle. Catching up on people we've known for at least two decades including our international friends whom we think about more often than not. It was exceptional hanging out and just talking. We had quite the inner circle of friends growing up in our formative years here in Texas and mutual interest continues 'til this day. Colin is a musician that literally and figuratively sings for a living full-time. His collaborations with uniquely Texan musicians and songwriters were also cool to hear about during our conversation. Other than being an old, good friend, my perks in this friendship is also hearing his music. He has a new CD--titled Shine--out too which I picked up for myself and my other intentionally displaced ex-Texan, friend living in Colorado. Yeah Colin that was a nice evening. When it was all said and done it was about 2:15 ante-meridiem. On my drive home I was treated to Mother Nature's light show from the random thunderclouds gathering and dispersing creating some nifty looking air-to-air and air-to-ground spiderwebby lightning strikes, all the while jamming out to Shine. It's lights out for me...

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