12 June, 2009

Colin at Obzeet's Friday

Friday night in Dallas boy (not really, we're still in Plano)! Colin's electric band at Obzeet's was our rendezvous point for me and my kids, my dear old homies and their kids whom, after two decades, I still keep in contact with. After I did my anti-Amerigo Vespucci imitation I finally got there (I swear it was in Frisco). Reuniting with them was excellent. I kinda always view them as my old-school Plano hooligans, sans kids. So now they're these pretty cool parents that care more for their kids than themselves. It's a nice transition and I'm lucky none of my parent friends act like Little League (and football) dads.
The outdoor patio at Obzeet's was paaacked, so we had to settle indoors but we could still see and hear Colin's band. Whenever I see Brent's and Jimmy and Lisa's kids I tell them a confidence inspiring story about their parents that they normally couldn't ascertain by the sheer fact that they're their Dad/Mom. For example, Gabriel-Brent's son, I told him that his Daddy, back in the day, won bike races. He smiled and said, really?!! He really did! Jimmy and his daughter Gianna and me and my kids kept going outside, behind the coy,goldfish pond in the middle of the outdoor patio to watch Colin rock it out then we'd go back in for conversation. It was a great atmosphere, other kids where there too but maybe the volume was a bit loud (yeah I'm old)?
As the evening went on we kept doing this (going inside/outside) and I actually started to dance with Maricel doing our swing dance routine whenever we went outside. Mason was with us too watching the goldfish completely hypnotized by their size, movements, and funky coloration. He couldn't get over how the bubbler was a machine in the pond designed to give the fish oxygen instead of a sea monster about to surface. Inside, one of Colin's friends came over (I met her from Colin's last gig) and she introduced herself to my group. Her name was Elizabeth and she asked Mason if it was okay if she could dance with him (she was a very sweet, classy girl). Mason excitedly asked me if he could dance with her and of course I said yes. From inside I could see them dancing, that's when Jimmy took Gianna outside to dance too. Not to miss the fun, I took Maricel out too and we all started to do the "slow dance" routine because Colin was playing a slow but rockin' ballady tune. At first, Maricel was a wee bit embarrassed but as the song kept playing we were doing the circular, Frankenstein routine like everybody else, she finally got over it. We had to leave early for our trip back to Colorado so we had to cut the evening short and say our goodbyes. My friends are cool y'all; furthermore, I'm really diggin' this vacation with my kids.
Mason was sooo happy to have danced with Elizabeth-thanks Elizabeth, Maricel now has this infectious groove of watching live music (with slight hearing loss I'm sure)-thanks Colin et al, and I got the opportunity to dance with my quasi-embarrassed daughter. I would say a trifecta of poppahood y'all. My kids and I were just talking up a storm with what we witnessed, participated, listened, and danced to that evening on our car ride back to my folk's house. Strange adults surrounding them were behaving like decent adults--yea!--and hopefully my kids were experiencing new stimuli thereby creating new synaptic/neuronal pathways/circuits in their respective mellons. Wow. Great evening kids. Peep dis y'all: If you're an adult that doesn't have kids, you will deposit karmic currency in your karmic bank account whenever you act decent in front of kids you don't know.

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