17 June, 2009

A Day In The Life of Daddy Daycare

Here's our state flower, the Aquilegia caerulea aka the Colorado blue Columbine.

So the day starts when I have to wake the girls so we can eat breakfast at a decent time-7:30. This gives us about an hour to eat and get ready for swim lessons. Swim lessons are in Evergreen which is about .5H away. After swim lessons we head off to the library where we sometimes catch story time but for sure get some new books and CDs for me and my wee ones. This takes us to 11, so it's lunchtime. Today I make breakfast burritos for my kids and Maura's taken an inclination for putting salsa on her eggs like her Daddy!
Now it's naptime. After we get up we go for a hike out at Meyer Ranch. It's absolutely beautiful weather, just on the verge of raining so the temps are in the 60°s. We take out doggy Addie too. We're taking hikes as much as possible to get the kids used to hiking when we go to the Canadian Rockies after the fourth of July. It's almost like I'm retracing my steps from when my family went to Banff in the seventies and to see my cousin get married in Edmonton. We took it in a huge honking 360 cubic inched mopar green power wagon with a camping trailer in tow. It was heavenly; I still remember that trip even to this day.
Okay, so here are some pictures I fire off on this sweet 1H hike where I live.

At home we make dinner. When I say we, I really mean all of us. Maricel's a wiz with the crust making, Maura's an outstanding chopper and sautér to boot. And, like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones lyric, I have pictures to prove it!

As a part of complimenting the situation of us preparing dinner, I cranked some tunes from a CD I scored from the library: Creedence Clearwater Revival's At The Movies. Awesome. When Maura's eyes were stinging from chopping the onions, she took a chopping break and we both danced to Bad Moon Rising.

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