29 November, 2009

Got Firewood?

The weather was good so it was another opportunity (albeit lackadaisical) to gather, split, and stack some more firewood. We had to hike it in because the snow pack's too high for the ATV nowadays and the only trunk-like pieces left in our piles were the big uns so we didn't haul too many away from our lot. I'm starting to work off some of the potential energy I collected from Thanksgiving as kinetic energy via (not so efficient) work.
Here's what we were able to bring up...

Here's what it translates to (three, huge, wheel barrow's worth) after splitting it; doesn't seem like much although it's better than nothing I suppose. Thank you maul splitter, axe, and Stihl chainsaw.

Note to self, this sucks, I'm gonna get an earlier start on this nonsense next year.

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