20 April, 2008

Great Weekend!

finally! after all the snows, the soccer fields dried and we got to watch maura play. she scored another goal and another teammate of her's-zack-scored two. it was great watching her, this time i busted out my mini-digital camera and captured her goal. yeah boi!!!

this is what i mean by a warming trend. you can actually see the ground in our backyard!
after soccer, i got on my bike for a solo 3.5 h ride in where i live in the foothills. it took 40 minutes to descend and almost two hours to climb! i rode an hour in the flats because the route i took to descend wasn't the route i climbed back to my truck (that woulda been too boring). the wind was a mother yesterday but that's okay because i had all manner of food on me and both my water bottles were full of an endurance sport drink. climbing on this particular road can be tricky because at some spots there's no shoulder and sometimes it's on an uphill switchback so i worry if someone's hugging the shoulder they'll see me in time, but no worries, everybody's going chill on a saturday afternoon. my goal on these rides is crush my legs so that it's very close to cramping. i tried to find the route that had the steepest hills and on this particularly steep climb i thought i was going to fall over sideways. oh well. got back to the truck and the endorphins came out. bought a dinner for the family at qdoba's. had a lot of pinto beans in my burrito for the power of the legume to work on my oxidized muscles.

today, sunday, i went for a 4 h ride with christopher. all small chainring (except when it's not!). the national weather service said gusts up to 37 miles an hour. so we made sure we headed out into the headwind. oh my god, it was surprising that we didn't get blown into each others wheels at times it was so intense. the sun was out and life was grand. two days in a row without anything to cover the knees or arms (how 'bout that sandra?) and boatloads of sunscreen. we were screaming back on the road and sometimes i dropped it a couple of gears so that i could get a super-high rpm on the legs to completely fatigued my pistons. with about 30 minutes remaining mr. cramps started to show itself. that's good because the last 30 minutes of a road race (or the last five laps of a crit), that's when stupid time in the pack shows up and the speeds go up. my legs need to be used to applying more watts towards the end of the ride to emulate a sprint finish. i chugged some water (went through three today, had to stop at a convenience store) and the cramps pretty much went away once the intensity fell off. it was a great weekend (oh, and my digital camera's finally dying)!

check out the (short sleeved jersey and watch) tan line (yes i'm a poseur)!

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