08 April, 2008

My Girls and My Flashback to the 80s

my honey-melissa-is working late tonight and i was too lazy to actually make anything so we went to heidi's deli for some din-din. i ordered an egg salad sandwich and for my dual princesses i ordered the kid's mealx2 of egg salad, milk, and a side of potato salad. the muzak machine was playing 80s hits and subsequently played some songs i grew up listening to in a town called plano (texas) where i grew up and attended high school. they played psychedelic furs
and frankie goes to hollywood. here's a live video of them performing welcome to the pleasure dome. if you didn't get the vibe: they're gay (i'm not a homophobe) and they made some danceable, synth, brit-pop in the 80s.

holeee shmokes did it bring back a boat load o'memories. the frankie song playing was welcome to the pleasure dome. so when they started saying shooting stars never stop, even when they reach the top (x2), there goes a supernova, what a pushover yeah...i started sing/saying it too. don't worry we were the only ones there except for a couple of hillbillies probably talking about the intricacies of their john deere tractor (or a reasonable facsimile thereof). my girls didn't know what to make of it. i think-as to not plagiarize our military lexicon-they were in shock and awe. shock, as in why the hell is daddy singing and dancing in our booth; and awe, as in ahhh shnap daddy's kinda cool singing a song we'd never ever think he'd know. it was too funny. it's extremely enlightening and very meaningful as a parent to have conversation with your kid about anything and they can reply with quality statements that show understanding. it's like these emergent characteristics keep me amazed at their ever developing noggin' and ever expanding demonstration of vocabulary and syntax-it's like a miracle or something...
now we're home. maricel just finished her homework and i'm about to school them on the board game trouble.
let me finish with my middle child maura. she participated in her very first soccer game saturday and scored a goal! melissa and i were yelling ourselves silly (not in the little league dad sort of way) for her teammates and anybody else we knew. it was genuinely a hoot and a holler!


Groover said...

Well done to Maura. First goal. How cool.

And we must be about the same age. I grew up with Frankie goes to Hollywood and Pet Shop Boys. :) After the wall came down that is of course.

...it's me!... said...

yeah sandra. it was pretty cool watching her play. as for cycling, the national weather service is forecasting 8 inches of snow tonight. i might cycle in about another month or so once everything thaws where i live. you were an east berliner sandra?
i had a mullet in the 80s...

Groover said...

Yes, I grew up behind the curtain, about 100 km south of Berlin (closer to Dresden - a little town called Senftenberg)

I was 15 when the wall came down.

Everybody had a mullet in the 80ies? :-) Or the BIG HAIR. :-)

...it's me!... said...

wow. what a cool piece of history! i think you're right about the mullet and the eighties. i've never owned parachute pants though...i did own a members only jacket and a pair of girbaud jeans (oh my god!).