15 April, 2008

Maricel's birthday

we celebrated maricel's 8th birthday at a pottery place where 5 of her bestest buds attended. at the pottery place they got to pick a: plate, cup, mug, or saucer to paint (and ultimately fire in their kiln). it was awesome planning on melissa's part and the girls were soooo involved in their craft. it went off without a hitch and we also ate the cake and ice cream there too. my oldest daughter's growing up on me. i asked her politely when she was 5 to not grow up anymore because she was so amazingly cute at that age. she said "yes" but i guess she's not sticking to her plan. she's going to be a third grader next year! i'm old and she's getting older. hmmmmmm.........
we surprised her with a 7 speed mountain bike (what else would a cycling dad give their kids?) with a front shock to boot, amongst other presents. she rides like the devil now so i can't wait for the snow to melt when we can chase each other on bikes on our property up here. our only neighbor is a winterbird so we're the only ones on our private street! mason's my last child to teach the art of generating and sustaining the gyroscopic effect whilst steering on two wheels.
all that cake and ice cream ingested'll give me energy on future bike rides and more descending weight. my theory on cake and ice cream is the lame adage waste not, want not. my translation? tis better to go in my tummy than in a landfill. yessir.

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