13 June, 2008

Heaven on earth


right now

today was the reason why we moved up here. the temperature was like goldilocks: not too hot, nor too cold, just right. the top number's inside; the bottom's out.

this is the eve of the inaugural winterpark series and here i am imbibing and eating pizza.
i do believe i'm typing under the influence. here's the guilty party: it's a nice milk stout created by left hand brewery (from here in colorado), and it's creamy while not heavy, with a just a hint of an oaky finish-YUM!!!!

not necessarily the greatest pre-race meal but who cares? i race (if you can call it that), but that doesn't limit me to what i eat. i have no aspirations to become a cat two or an expert mountain biker because i have a family that's pretty righteous coupled with other worthwhile distractions, so, if that's the trade-off i'll take it. it's a celebratory day today. my kids just finished soccer camp punctuated by them playing two hard games on astroturf. astroturf is like a heat sink so they were hammered by the heat and their efforts. we bought pizza for dinner. they fell asleep on the way to the pizza joint so we drove around in our 'hood admiring the weather and i showed melissa the path i cycled today to loosen up my pistons before the hillclimb tomorrow. summertime at 8000' in colorado is indescribably gorgeous. there wasn't a cloud in the sky and my cycling earlier had little car encounters. it was one of those days when the planets were aligned, had a tailwind both directions, sun was shining, and everybody was civil. we scoped out this area three years ago when we were hankering to live up here and it was as gorgeous as we remembered it last. long live colorado summers!
this is our window view!

hopefully i'll have some good news to report about my race tomorrow.
here's some tragic news: tim russert of nbc's meet the press died today. collapsed at work apparently. rest in peace mr. russert.

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