04 June, 2008

Looks Like Rain Today

here's what a typical day's like for daddy daycare. today, mason woke me up about 7 o'clock with a smile and pushing on my tummy. so, i tell him to go potty and to put on his big boy underwear (i keep telling myself one day, i too will wear big boy underpants but until then i'll keep dreaming until that day arrives). he helps me make waffles. my god, i didn't know how much i loved waffles until this summer. i like 'em crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. kind of like yours truly in the summertime. the girls get up around 8:30 and we eat breakfast. my sweet melissa left me some plates from dinner last night so i clean up that mess and generally pick up after ourselves. the reason i wasn't home for dinner last night is because i joined my friend and college (university of texas, boy!!!)buddy charles in boulder for the oh so notorious bus stop ride. it's where the hardcore, elite road cyclists (including some pros) show up for a group ride (i call it the shit-on-your-neighbor ride). we go and i make it almost to the end. it's great intensity and i can always use high-intensity pack riding. i get shelled about 5 miles back towards town on our return trip (yes i cycle, but i didn't say i was good). we get back and i eat fish tacos with charles at illegal pete's.
10:30 rolls around and we're out playing. a front's coming in and it looks like rain's a'comin'.

i check the nws website and here's what they're saying about today/tonight.

This Afternoon: A 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 69. North northeast wind around 5 mph.

Tonight: A chance of showers and thunderstorms, then showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm after midnight. Cloudy, with a low around 35. North wind around 5 mph becoming calm. Chance of precipitation is 60%.


we've been spoilt lately by having our house in the high 60s at night so i chainsaw some firewood for a couple of nights burning...


...while the kids train for paris-nice, liege-baston-liege, paris-roubaix, and some other classics and semi-classics. maybe, one day, they'll get the invite for a national tour.

here they are tearing it up on our private dirt road

for lunch i'm grilling black bean burgers and baking tater-tots. both these gastronomical treats'll be drowning in ketchup if my kids had their food accessorising proclivities. here's proof:

the kids are playing indoors now while listening to the soundtrack from the movie enchanted. if y'all don't have kids, the disney factor might be minimal in your quotidian goings on; but, watching the dvd with my family i must say i truly enjoyed this cutesy, very disney movie. during quiet time, mason has to nap while maricel has to read to me for 30 minutes. she's reading snow white to me. she's quite the reader nowadays. maura does her artwork and also reads. boring enough yet? well anyhoo it's the late afternoon now. i'ma make some vegetable stir-fry with fried rice (it's not really fried) while the chilluns enjoy some good ole pbs kids' shows. personally i looove word girl (and her sidekick, captain huggy face)!
if you're not hip to word girl, it's kind of like pee-wee's playhouse where there's a word-of-the-day. this video clip's of capt. huggy face bustin' a move on the word-of-the-day: pensive (do you know what pensive means? think about it...then play the vid. i crack myself up sometimes...).

ite den kids. i'll talk to you later (sorry the tubes-i'm dating myself here...)

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