01 June, 2008

It Was Mason's Birthday Yesterday

he turned the big three point oh (that's two significant digits). we celebrated by going out for a hike near where we live with our in-laws, their dog, and our family including dogs. it was good. mason's turning into a pretty good hiker whereas maura's starting to get lazy. one of his presents was an inflatable t-ball set. he loved it. in fact, before we dug into his ice-cream cake, we had a quick game of t-ball in our front yard. here he is with his colorado rockies pennant hat (they're awful this year) right after he smacked the ball off the tee, grinning ear to ear.

and here's another view-aerial-of his ice-cream cake.

today, sunday, i went for a slammin' ride with my boy and teammate christopher. from denver we went up deer trail (see previous video) over to high grade, down co. 73, turned on co. 74 to bergen park but told chris i gotta turn around in order to make it back on time. so we pulled a u-bone off of 74 and continued to descent 73 into morrison and back home. all told, not counting breaks, it probably took us 5.5 h. on the very last climb out of high grade chris and i turned it into a crap on your neighbor ride (i.e. sprinting towards our imaginary finish line). he was climbing pretty good today and on this real long grinder he just mashed it, we were both fading but since i'm pretty intimate with the geography of this route i knew i could kick it towards the tail end of this climb. we were both cratered after each of our humongous, big chain ring attacks (if that's what you want to call it) and unable to shake each other off our respective wheels. and with that, it ended-quite satisfyingly-our uphill portion of our route. we descended like sleds and i was able to make it home within my hour wiggle factor. i'm guessing it was less than or equal to a 70 mile ride. next weekend's a very uphilly race starting in boulder called the mike horgan hillclimb. we climb on a street called magnolia, and on some dirt roads. look at the profile, the first surge is magnolia. the second surge is sugarloaf where the race ends. ouch kids.

it's kinda crazy but i know i won't come in last (but i'll probably be close). in colorado all the freaks show up for hillclimb races. afterwards, it was suggested that our whole vitamin cottage crew go for a long team ride. sounds painful. the jury's still out for this one kids...
today's funny highlight: when we were in lakewood--extremely hypoglycemic--at a red light, a dude taking a corner really squirrely-like had tri bars on his bike. as roadies we have this thing against triathletes on their geeked-out bikes. so, chris goes into this hans and frans voice impersonation (snl that is)or like arnold schwarzenegger as the tri-geek (in first person), and i chime in with something i'd rather not repeat and we were dying at the light. we couldn't inhale and we were both slapping our handlebars and repeating what i said, looking for the light to change to green. omygod we were dying of laughter from a hypoglycemic induced state-of-mind. i could only guess what motorists were thinking when they saw us off our rockers, pole position at a major intersection.

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