20 June, 2008

Less Gas; More A$$ and EAT MORE VITAMINS!

yeah. this is what green, body conscious boulderites do as a form of peaceful message conveyance. oh, and i rode with tyler hamilton thursday (yesterday). he's not as skinny as his TdF days and he still goes like hell...

here's jonathon baker (third in the paceline) representing my purple and orange aka vitamin cottage (picture courtesy of PEZ CYCLING NEWS) at Tour de Nez!

here's dirk friel bustin' a move (PEZ CYCLING NEWS)

here's the fruits of mr. baker's efforts: 2nd in the 3rd stage (a crit, PEZ CYCLING NEWS).



Groover said...

How cool. I know someone who rode with Tyler Hamilton yesterday. Mike - you'll never again have friends because who you are and what you do but merely because who you rode with ...

Nice message! I think Boulder is a nice place and I must come and visit you one day. Did I ever mention that I friend of mine here in Brisbane is from Boulder originally? He is a cyclist (of course) and always tells me about the roads and trails around Boulder.

...it's me!... said...

sandra, boulder's where tree huggin' vegetarians and world class athletes gravitate to (that's why i dig it too). ask your brisbanian friend if he remembers a town called conifer (that's where i'm from).
tyler was wearing his new team's colors rock racing's green and black. it's a team surrounded with controversy (imagine that!). oscar sevilla and mario cipollini fly the colors too (black and green).

let me know whenever you're stateside! that'd be cool.