11 June, 2008

Today Was A Good Day And I Didn't Have To Use My...

...okay sorry ice cube. here's ice cube's explicit lyrics for the inspiration to my blog's title. it's from his 1992, gangsta rap album the predator. it's a great cd. his given name's actually O'Shea Jackson. let's begin: melissa's-my extraordinary companion-working late tonight so no riding for me this evening (that doesn't involve rollers). after we dropped off my girls at soccer camp, mason and i hiked around evergreen lake. i did this to run some energy out of the dude. it was cold today, some minor cold front's hovering locally so it was almost fall-like. evergreen lake's at 7077' or 2157 meters, hence the fall-like comparison (with this unusual cold front). there was hardly anybody out there, except for a family we saw again (where we exchanged pleasantries) when we eventually moseyed into the library. they're doing street improvements at the intersection from highway 74 to the evergreen lake house/rec center so that means a boat load of trucks were out there which translates to spellbinding fascination of these huge trucks with mason. he was just dumbfounded and awe-struck watching these trucks and large machines moving to and fro and receiving and/or dumping rocks from bulldozers and other sundry big-arsed machines. i think he was hyp-moh-tahzed (hypnotized) audio-visually by the six-wheeled, one person, bulldozer (i think it's called a bobcat?). this cold made us go into a local coffee/pastry joint in downtown, historical evergreen strip where we ordered a hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream (for him) and a double-espresso (for me). their espresso was aaaahhiiite (so-so). i always compare my espressos to my bud kenny's espressos. kenny has a saeco machine that creates (he makes 'em actually) these buttery-yet slightly edgy, cream colored, velvety-finish espressos that are simply sublime when we meet as his joint before we go riding or to do some general tom foolery...i digress...it was actually enjoyable hanging out with the moose-unlike yesterday's tribulation(s) with him. i said to myself now i see why people shake their babies. i mean i can see where people's tempers get the best of them; hopefully, my self-control, self-editing systems will always be in place when my blood pressure starts to rise exponentially. yup, that was yesterday. today's--wednesday--a different creature altogether. nothing but a good moose and happier dad.
i scored at the library too. i checked out common's be; art blakey & the jazz messengers' free for all (quite possibly the best jazz assemblage since miles' kind of blue ensemble); my morning jacket's tennessee fire; and lupe fiasco's food & liquor. man! i always sing praises to the jefferson county public library's evergreen branch. i also checked out a book titled: God's Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question-Why We Suffer from Bart D. Ehrman. heard a trailer for it on npr via neil cohen interviewing said author. you gotta love national public radio.this was wednesday.
i'm adding thursday to this blog starting now...and in order for me to go riding with the moose (attached to the kid trailer), i had to patch a flat on the chariot and clean up and maintain my giant road bike since the last time i road her (since i purchased the fuji). i slapped a pair of my old time a-tac pedals on her too because i cannibalized my speedplay zeroes on the fu-g.
here's the (nws) weather report:
Late Afternoon: A 10 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 66. Breezy, with a west wind around 22 mph.
that westerly wind was brutal! i tried to head south so that i wouldn't get the full effect of a headwind. there were some parts of the bike path that i felt the full brunt of a headwind, i was in my 39x24 just barely crawling. if there was an uphill if i stopped pedaling, i'da fallen over. on the flip side, during the tailwind portions i was cruuuuising-probably going close to 40 miles an hour. there were also parts of the trail where i was riding diagonally due to the winds. yeah boi! i got a real nice workout. it seemed like one big interval workout today. i rode in such a way that my suffering would be comparable-albeit slight-to race conditions. another interesting note: i purchased some new earbuds for my ipod called skullcandy. yeah i know it sounds kinda ill but the bass response is quite satisfying; and the silicon frames around the speakers really eliminate the wind noise resulting from my pistons propelling me forward at rather manly speeds. i picked up the girls from their soccer (camp) practice and now it's time for some homemade fries and some vegetarian chicken patties on the grill for din-din.
newsworthy mention: the supreme court today reversed dub-ya's congress approved special laws for enemy combatants detained at guantanamo. instead o'doing a tribunal-like court for enemy combatants/terrorists..etc. each detainee is now obligated to a criminal trial a la federal court(s) to see if their detention is legit (habeas corpus). kinda nutty, if we don't kill you because you're trying to kill us (or running planes into iconic buildings)-but instead get captured-we'll give you a fair trial. can't we just slap some geneva convention on 'em and treat em as war criminals? i can respect the justices though putting a checks-and-balances on the president and his spiraling out-of-control executive orders...hmmmm i smell bureaucratic implosion for our federal courts on our tab kids.....


Groover said...

Ghee what were you on when you wrote that ... :-)

Can taste the creamy espresso you describe! Mmmhhh. And riding in the headwind is character building. Keep it up!

BTW: That list of 1000 books the other day was extremely inspiring! Miss the good old Russians - ah, Turgenjev's Spring torrens ...

...it's me!... said...

sandra, i tried to read war and peace but when you need to take notes just on a pedigree of characters, that's when i draw the line! you are tearing it up on the race scene! your level of commitment's commendable.

i believe i was on residual endorphins:)

Groover said...

It's only because of the unusual sounding names ... were they called Michael and Peter you wouldn't have a problem.

I don't like Tolstoi very much either. Read Turgenjev to start with. I believe it's easier to digest than Dostojevski. If you read Dostojevski then start with The Idiot or Crime and Punishment.