01 July, 2008

"Belay on?.....climbing...."

belay on (isn't she just darlin' in that harness?)
oh yeah kids. my five year-old daughter (yes, five years old!) owned the climbing wall at the bergen park rec. center. we signed her up for the climbing wall yesterday because my oldest daughter had a social engagement earlier that day (a birthday party with her bud and classmate at the city swimming pool). so here's maura at the green diamond route (using skiing's ratings of difficulty).
getting there

at the top!

all the kids made it to the top on this route, so an adrenaline junky chose a more difficult route for the next ascent (blue/black diamond). the eight year-old boy made it, his seven year-old sister made it; but the other seven year-old girl didn't. she couldn't negotiate an inclined obstacle (coming towards you) on this harder route...but maura made it!!!!
at the obstacle

past the obstacle

there were some other kids on the floor watching her and some boy commented on how this younger kid got past the point an older kid couldn't (i was a proud papa). i wanted to tell the spectator that's my daughter !

here she is at the top

have i mentioned to you how cool my kids are? ah yeauh.
so for lunch, to celebrate such a momentous occasion, we ate onion rings (drowned in ketchup) washed down with a cherry limeade (who'da thunk such a nutty sounding drink could be so delicious?) at the local sonic. i do believe my arteries are hardening as i write...


Groover said...

Well done, Maura. Awesome job. Hey Mike, you've got all the reasons in the world to be a proud dad. :-)

...it's me!... said...

yes ma'am, for the most part i'm a happy dad. well sandra, we're taking the family holiday to lake tahoe tomorrow. i'll post when i get back in two weeks. hope you're enjoying the cooler weather and the longer nights.