15 July, 2008

Suffering from Post-Traumatic Vacation Disorder

more pier-side at the ehrman mansionhere's a typical bike trail at lake tahoe (that's a good lookin' yeti!)
damn. been back four days and i'm still jonesing for the west shore of lake tahoe. went for a slamming ride with kevin today. we both haven't done a whole lot of riding during our respective holidays and we cooked it today. wished our homey trinity woulda been complete but billy couldn't make it. i just talked about how divine my tahoe trip was during the ride. we're trying to do another moab trip before the school season starts. it's hot there but that's okay, we'll just have to ride earlier. okay some more post traumatic vacation disorder discourse therapy. on the way back we stopped at park city, utah. melissa's idea because we want to stay away from big cities since we got spoilt by lake tahoe. salt lake's a great city though.
coming into salt lake sundown-style
anyhoo park city is amazingly clean and the way it's laid out is classy and not too dated-especially in its historic downtown. methinks this'll be our new half way point. i need to hit this place come ski season.
historic park city, also home of the sundance film festival
site of the 2002 winter olympic's nordic long jump

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