17 July, 2008

wassup with the foolishness??????

these are my students doing an actual PAGE (polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis) get it? lab analysis...three people got caught--so far, there'll be more--in this year's edition of the TdF. manual beltran of liquigas who formerly rode for lance (as well as tyler hamilton-mr. chimera, floyd landis-synthetic test, and roberto heras-rEPO. hmmmmmm, coincidental don't you think?). number two: riccardo ricci. italian, up and coming superstar who-i wonder-is going to get his samples from the giro checked for CERA? and third: barloworld's moises duenas nevado-rEPO. okay from this point forward all thoughts are just pretty much percolating out of my mellon with no point to persuade or be formal.
damn wasn't operation puerco enough to scare off the cyclists and even add more trepidation to sponsors? guess not. it's scary to think that without doping they wouldn't have gotten to such an elite place; but look at them now...........exactly. they ain't doin' shit. with the exception of david millar and richard virenque, they came back, were remorseful (richard wasn't, in fact he was goofed on for pretending to be so naive, kinda like barry bonds), and still got paid for pedaling a bike. and what's the deal with porcine lemond insinuating that lance isn't clean? don't tell me an 18 year-old kid coming to europe after winning the u-23 worlds didn't do the juice. hell, all them old guards, it was expected for them to dope (i.e. the team doctor and the soigneur for the disgraced festina squadra). don't they have blood samples still frozen from back in the day of merckx, hinault, indurain et al.? if so check them and if there's a hint of juice in their "b samples" retroactively strip their medals and so on and move everybody up a slot. here's another dealio about their choice of juice: some people are on synthetic juice that's not even on the uci ban-list. it's only after they consider it performance enhancing-and getting caught-they slap their hand (2 year ban?). even if the lab was screwy that checked floyd's ratio of test to epitest, the ratio was so abnormally high they had to call bs on it. yea court of arbitrations! maybe he can be the first mennonite ufc champion?
and another thing, what's up with the dissolution of the ProTour? what the UCI doesn't have a long enough arm to get financial trickle down from pro cyclists that they have to threaten countries olympic contenders? furthermore UCI was run by an esoteric bunch of old, white men who are scared of technology. a pox on you money hungry grubbers (ASO, UCI, RCS, UniPublic, ProTour).
so here's my solution: ease up on the profile and distances of the grand tours. if you want it to be clean, quit making it harder than what a 41 year-old filipino father of three (who's rather good lookin' may i add) can't do with 12 hours of training/week.
or, have at it. juice it up to the max so that when the finish line approaches it's just some gigantor tyrannosaurus thighs and legs pedaling to the line because the torso has been ripped-off due to these gyroscopic torque effects of the first 75 mph sprint (that would be both funny and tragic at the same time, the germans call it schadenfreude?)!
okay my mindless diatribe is finito. i will now commence to chill ('til the next episode-sorry snoop dog).

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