20 July, 2008

Dog Days O'Summer're Here

went for an early four hour ride with christopher who's lighter and fitter this year than others and kenny with his new scandium ride. it was hot. after we dropped kenny off, we had an hour back to ride to chris' and we were suffering in the heat. our legs were pretty spent too from doing some climbing but it was a great ride. i was spent. melissa called en route and said to meet her at the rec. center for a swim. she works out and i watch the kids swimming. when she's done we hit the hot tub and it's glorious. she forgot to bring my swim shorts so i bought a winner at old navy. hell yeah it's gawdy that's why it's on sale (it's the one on the right if you can't figure it out-mason's left!). it didn't have the mesh, built-in underwear. oh well.
there're kayaks, sunsets, orchids, palm trees et al. on there representing all that is stereotypical of a bad, bad aloha shirt ('cept it's on my shorts boy!!). at the pool we go down the slide, hang in the hot tub and experience evaporative cooling on the sunny deck in beautiful evergreen colorado. hydrotherapy baby. excellent way to end a ride and we bust out some family fun

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