19 July, 2008

(Corner Marshalling) The Mount Evans Hillclimb

climb on...
one of our team obligations for vitamin cottage is to corner marshall the mount evans hillclimb. my boy kenny
here's kenny eye-balling the benzo
and i were assigned at echo lake.
echo lake
it was about as exciting as saying, "right turn ahead kids!" during a bike race (which is exactly what i did); but hey, i'll take one for the team to keep wearing the purple and orange (i guess). i raced it back in 2006. i wasn't last--scroll down to s(enoir) m(en cat)3 (and i surely wasn't first)! i remember in the cat III's we took off like gangbusters in idaho springs. burnt off a third of the pack before echo lake. i was doing ite until treeline-11,500 feet.

then mr. oxygen debt came to visit me. little to no muscle recruitment from that point forward. it was here when the sucker became the suckee. i got past by most of that original third.
okay. the cool non-racing stuff was mercedes and chrysler (they used to be one in the same). they were here doing their high-altitude car abusement tests. colorado is a popular state for car manufacturers to check their products' mettle; furthermore, the cars' (there were two of 'em) had manufacturer plates from michigan-detroit i'm sure. they were abusing the amg, c 63 (the c is their c-line the bottom with the e above that, and the s-class on top; 63 meaning it displaces 6.3 liters) amg (they're such great autosport modifiers, mercedes keeps their badge on their cars!). the c 63's benzo's answer to the vaunted bmw m3 (that's a mighty tall order!).

i swear to you a viper that was heavily facaded (is that even a word?)was there too. i might sound crazy, but you'll be the first to read it from me, it's their hybrid viper! i didn't get time to get that picture before he took off the cover and took off on battery power.
turn up the volume to hear these v8s duke it out!!!!!

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